VDI technology helps IT professionals from the educational field to tackle their main challenges

QVD (Quality Virtual Desktop) provides an alternative to desktop and applications virtualisation under Linux environment; an Open Source VDI secure, flexible and affordable.

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How QVD helps organisations from the educational field

Virtualise classrooms and labs

QVD creates virtual labs and classrooms, with the possibility of customisation by user profile, subject area, classroom, etc. Allowing a flexible centralised management and file printing remotely.

Ensure data security and protect students privacy

Ensures security in the online delivery of applications and data. Supports integrations with third-party and own applications, for Linux and Windows.

Helps to cut costs

Includes open source preinstalled applications that don´t require acquisition payment nor licences renewal.

Tailor-made subscription plans

Qindel Group has developed an offer aimed at the educational field to make desktop and application virtualisation accessible to all education organisations (universities, secondary schools, institutes, business trainings centres, etc.), via customised subscription plans.

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