QVD Video, The Virtual Desktop Solution

QVD  is a highly scalable, cost effective, easy to manage, open source VDI solution built on top of Linux.

VDI, or virtual desktop Infrastructure, is a service that allows your business to run applications and store data on a remote server. So, as you work, applications, programmes and documents are executed and stored in the central server. With QVD, the desktop virtualization and applications solution from Qindel Group, you gain security, accessibility and savings. Would you like to know how?

  • SECURITY: By storing data centrally on a virtual server and accessing it over industry standard secure protocols (SSL), QVD minimises the day to day threats faced by your desktop computers.
  • ACCESIBILITY: You can work from any place, at any time and with any device that can be remotely connected, even with a weak bandwidth connection.
  • SAVINGS: Because we work with Linux and use open-source software applications, the virtualization of your company using QVD, will bring you significant savings compared to other virtual desktop solutions on the market. Besides, your investment in servers, equipment, maintenance, electricity and storage will be much lower using QVD than with traditional systems. And these savings on materials and energy make us an eco-friendly option.

QVD is a service product developed by Qindel Group and comes with guaranteed technical support. QVD offers the highest density Linux desktop VDI solution on the market today. We provide clients for all major operating systems: Windows, Mac and Android. The QVD desktop is a familiar environment, so you won’t have any operating difficulties.

Installation is very simple. Once a username and password has been set, QVD provides access to the virtual desktop in seconds to all users who require it.


Please find out how to get the most of QVD at theqvd.com