Welcome to Qindel blog

We welcome you to our blog.

After a few years of life it is time to refresh, open up new areas and adapt to changing times. We focus on communication and interaction, we take the opportunities to be social spaces, chat, imbibe trends and better understand our customers.

Our goal is to assist and advise organizations and IT departments of our clients to reduce the complexity and risk involved in new infrastructure, maximize the value of their investments in technology platforms and technically trained professionals. Therefore, we face this new stage full of hope and with the intention of always being fully prepared to meet any challenge.

We are very proud of our product, QVD (Quality Virtual Desktop), a powerful virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), open source, which makes it easy to implement highly scalable solutions and low cost to provide any number of local users and give them remote access to their desktop Linux.

Ladybug (Coccinellidae) was chosen as the mascot of QVD because of their bright colors, which serve as a defense against predators which typically associate bright colors with poison. It is also an effective natural predator of pests of many crops, and as a result is often considered an icon of luck in many cultures around the world. It also represents the core values ​​of QVD:

  • Security
  • Protection
  • Performance
  • Efficiency

And why not also think the ladybug icon is simply colorful and friendly looking. As a project we aspire to these principles, making participate to our customers, employees and partners in a friendly and colorful.

Gradually we have been growing, now with international presence, increasing the responsibility to keep our service quality but also gives us strength to continue on the road.

And with the principles of the ladybug, we want to make you all share in our journey as a technology project in which there behind a team of highly qualified professionals who are our main strength.