Qindel Group announces his strategic partnership with Inuvika to broaden its Linux VDI offer, now also covering Windows applications

Press release

The technology company Qindel Group has signed a collaboration agreement with Inuvika, in order to broaden its VDI offer, for Linux as well as Windows clients.

Madrid, Spain, March 3, 2017.Qindel Group, international technology company, based in Madrid, Spain, has announced the initiation of a strategy partnership with the Canadian application delivery company Inuvika.

Through this partnership Qindel seeks to expand its current VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Linux offering, provided by QVD (Quality Virtual Desktop), a virtualisation solution to Linux environment developed by the company. In order to provide access to Windows and Linux applications, in combination with the virtualisation application platform Open Virtual Desktop (OVD), developed by Inuvika. Providing users secure remote access to their work environments from any device.

Antonio Navarro, CTO of Qindel Group, highlights that “QVD-OVD mix is good value for our clients. Giving them secure access to Windows and Linux applications, from all types of desktops and devices. In this way, we continued with our strategy of providing a complete virtualisation solution, which brings key differentiators to the market, including significant savings in licencing and operational costs as well as reductions in the infrastructure required”.

QVD and Open Virtual Desktop are open source products, so it speeds innovation and continuous improvement, to adapt to the customer’s needs quickly. Providing a secure, flexible and affordable solution for virtualisation. The synergies between those products were the basis for this partnership.

Christian Partarrieu, Inuvika´s Chief Sales Officer, said “we are happy to announce our partnership with Qindel Group, as they have an extensive experience and international positioning. This partnership meets the needs of many customers, through an effective VDI technology at a very competitive price”.

Clients can already benefit from this partnership, by requesting free access to a customised test environment through their website.


About Qindel Group

International Technology Company that has a strong specialisation in the delivery of projects in Linux environments. It offers high-level solutions at the forefront of the latest technologies: DevOps, BigData, Java, Elastic Search, InfluxDB, OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack and desktop virtualisation through QVD (Quality Virtual Desktop), VDI solution developed by the company.

Based in Madrid, Spain. Also has offices in A Coruña, Orense, London y Mexico D.F.

To get more information about the company, products and commitment visit www.qindel.com y www.theqvd.com.