‘Vodafone at home’

Vodafone España

Project Description

ConsultationIt was based on a landline-mobile convergence product. A new added value service based on phone calls geolocation. The solution was complex due to the high number of systems and process included, as well as specific technical requirements. There were no adapted commercial solutions.

Qindel Group proposed a solution to solve the 100% of customers’ requirements. An architecture easily reached based on in-house components and own developments with the consequent reduction of time and costs. A flexible solution that can also be applied to other company products.

Today, in its reuse, Qindel Group is in charge of the support of those services and it is still responsible for the development of new functions.

Technologies: Solaris, MySQL, LDAP, Cacti, Nagios, own developments, etc.


Project Details

  • Client Vodafone España
  • Tags Telecomunicaciones

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