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Project Description

vodafoneFor the correct selling of the ADSL products by Vodafone Spain, it was essential that the provision systems of Vodafone and Tele2 were integrated. However, to get that purpose, there were two huge problems, a great economic expense and a higher spending of time.

On one hand, the time to market was critical for the commercial launching of this service, with the goal to take advantage of its growth potential experienced at that moment in Spain, as well as for the launching of innovative products that combine landline and mobile services in the same terminal.

Qindel Group proposed a solution to meet the schedule of the commercial launching. A non invasive solution: minimum changes in the provision systems of both enterprises and the use of standard interfaces, at a dramatically lower cost.

Nowadays, Qindel Group is in charge of the support of those services and it is still responsible for the development of new functions.

Technologies: Linux, Linux, MySQL, Linbit DRBD, Cacti, Nagios, framework Catalyst, own developments, etc.


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  • Client Vodafone España
  • Tags Telecomunicaciones

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