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Vodafone España

Project Description

photodune-2263437-urban-city-at-sunset-mVodafone Spain had the necessity to visually present the data associated to the “Vodafone at home” service with the goal of making the proceedings of incidents resolution of Clients Management easier and faster.

The solution proposed by Qindel Group combines high volume of information from different systems, allowing its geographic representation and management. It helps and advices the choice of the best set up service for every subscriber and it reduces costs regarding the GIS applications.

Nowadays, Qindel Group is in charge of the support of those services and it is still responsible for the development of new functions.

Technologies: Solaris, MySQL, Cacti, Nagios, framework Catalyst, own developments, etc.


Project Details

  • Client Vodafone España
  • Tags Telecomunicaciones

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