RT Incident Management


Project Description

Caso de éxito RetailOne of the firsts global retail companies, with international presence, required a solution for managing incidents, relying on Qindel Group to design a system adapted to its structure and business requirements.

The project is based on:

– Implementation of an incident management system easy to use and dynamic
– Ability to use IT areas
– Ability to use for logistics area

Our value proposal is based:

  • Using of the email interface and valid interface web as incident management.
  • Implementation in two weeks of 40 user groups with +2000 users in areas of logistics and technology.
  • Implementation of customization based on user group and statistical reporting to measure performance times and response times.

Results Guarantee:

With our system based on a systematic method to managing incidents with RT using ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), we guarantee the quality and efficiency in IT operations. This good practice framework allows us to study the evolution of the life cycle of IT services enabling our customers to optimize their decision making to achieve their business goals.


Project Details

  • Client Retail
  • Tags Destacados, Manufactura

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