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Vodafone España

Project Description

photodune-215234-surfing-the-web-mThe company needed to quantify the risk and to measure the problems of virus of their clients and on its network. Several commercial solutions were searched, but they only solved partially the problem and they were expensive.

Qindel Group proposed an innovative solution offering advanced protection measures of virus and threatens that fulfill the high performance requirements so it could continue to guarantee the quality of service. An easy and scalable solution.

Nowadays, Qindel Group is in charge of the support of these services and is still responsible for the development of new functions.

Technologies: Linux, Sendmail, MailScanner, Proxy-Multiprotocolo, tecnologías anti-virus y malware, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Graphite, Grafana, Python, Perl, own developments, etc.


Project Details

  • Client Vodafone España
  • Tags Telecomunicaciones

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