LINBIT Announces Competitive Replacement Program Targeting Ceph OpenStack Cloud Users

With LINBIT DRBD-SDS, “Project Lightning” offers OpenStack Cloud Customers Lower Cost and up to 6x Better Performance


Beaverton, OR, October 20, 2016 – LINBIT, the de-facto standard in open source high availability software for data management, today announced a competitive replacement program targeted at users of Ceph, an alternative distributed data storage software. LINBIT’s solution is based on DRBD, the industry’s highest performing and most widely deployed open source data management software for high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), and software defined storage (SDS).

“Operating in 6 countries and 15 data centers in Central Europe and Asia, Prozeta Virtual Datacenter delivers a wide range of solutions and services in the cloud,” said Jiří Purš, CEO of Pro-Zeta a.s. “We have found LINBIT’s DRBD-SDS to be the highest performing option for our cloud deployments, which in turn lowers costs and improves quality of service for our customers.”

In a series of benchmark tests to assess the relative performance of stock software in typical installations, LINBIT engineers found DRBD-SDS (DRBD9 9.0.5rc1-1 and DRBD Manage 0.97.5) to be up to 6x faster than Ceph 10.2.3 while consuming 20x less CPU resources. The LINBIT advantage was especially notable for small block-size I/O where most customer applications operate.

Dubbed “Project Lightning” for its ability to take customers’ cloud applications straight to kernel-level performance, LINBIT’s program offers six months of free enterprise support for Ceph customers who choose to deploy DRBD-SDS. This can result in improved application response times, lower hardware and licensing costs, better capability to manage peak loads, and the ability to support more users. Customers can register for the program at and may contact LINBIT for assistance in evaluating their specific installations and business objectives.

Project Lightning targets the overwhelming majority of OpenStack cloud installations and typical application workloads: 2-256 nodes, block I/O, fast I/O operations, and topology-aware data management that is well-suited for the increasingly popular converged infrastructure sites.

“With 10,000 downloads per month, a 15 year history, and thousands of installations worldwide, LINBIT DRBD-SDS is proof that open source software can serve mission-critical enterprise environments,” said Philipp Reisner, CEO of LINBIT. “Today, LINBIT is bringing its proven capabilities to cloud computing and software-defined-storage, demonstrating that high availability does not have to come at the expense of high performance.”


LINBIT is the force behind DRBD and the de-facto standard in open source high availability software for data management. DRBD is deployed in thousands of mission-critical environments worldwide to provide high availability (HA), geo-clustering for disaster recovery (DR), and software defined storage (SDS) for OpenStack based clouds. Visit us at http://www.LINBIT.com, or

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