Commited to Open Source, FLISol 2013

Qindel Group had the opportunity to participate in the latest edition of the Festival of Latin American Free Software Installation (FLISoL), the largest broadcast event Open Source held annually since 2005 and simultaneously in different countries LATAM market.

FLISoL held last April 27, a day open to students, academics, entrepreneurs, workers, civil servants, enthusiastic …

The Open Source Community of Latin America, with support from some agencies and local sponsors, organizes this event with the aim of providing the opportunity to come into contact with the open source world, meet other users, resolve questions, exchange views and experiences, attend lectures and other activities.

Our team in LATAM was in the seat of one of the most prestigious colleges, Universidad del Valle de Mexico Roma, UVM Campus. We talked about VoIP, VoIP mobile solutions using Asterisk… We also talked educational training and Linux certifications with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).

We support initiatives that promote open source, and FLISoL is a great opportunity for this purpose, so we appreciate the invitation to this great event and all the attention received by their organizers.